How to Travel through Time

Do you long for a way to relive your past? Are you looking for creative ways to improve your future? It’s not as difficult as you think.

What exactly is time? Time is a man-made invention that was created centuries ago by humans allowing them the ability to record events in order to remember them and to create markers to reference when the events happened in relation to one another. There are two basic ways to travel through time, forwards and backwards. In this article, I will discuss some of the best methods for making forward time travel a unique and rewarding experience; so much so, that it should eliminate the need for reverse time travel altogether. For this journey, prepare yourself with some basic recording tools, such as a journal and a digital camera, so that you can easily document your experiences.

One of the most important tools for a time-traveler is a time marker. A time marker can be anything of significance created so that you, or future generations, can remember a specific moment in time. A time marker doesn’t have to be created on a grand scale, like the Great Wall of China or Mount Rushmore. It may be something as simple as a photograph. Many people have created time capsule markers, which offer a collection of items from a certain time period. In most cases, these capsules are opened anywhere from fifty to one hundred years after they are sealed. The idea is to mark a reference in time in a way that will allow you or other people to experience it many years later and return to that point in time. For forward-only time travelers, returning to a previous point in time, means simply remembering the events of that moment or dreaming about it, but not physically visiting it.

I mentioned earlier in this article, the notion of making forward time travel a rewarding experience. Create a marker right now, consisting of a journal entry expressing how you are doing in life at this very moment. Include your thoughts, feelings, financial situation, and anything significant that represents who you are. Create a collection photos or a video of yourself. Be sure to actually print the photographs as you cannot be certain that the digital method that you currently use to store photos now will still be used in the future. (ex. the floppy disk) Place all of this in a safe place, like a time capsule, and don’t read or watch it again for at least one year; even better, five or ten years. Now create a list of goals outlining things that you wish to accomplish by the next time you view these stored materials. Do you want to be more successful, build something, lose weight, or have children? Focus your time and energy towards reaching these goals and constantly improving yourself.

When the time is right, open the capsule and read your journal entry, play the video tape, or look at the pictures you took. Did you accomplish the goals that you set for yourself? This simple practice has the potential to make a great impact on your life and possibly eliminate the regrets or wishes that cause people to desire traveling backwards in time to change earlier events. Isn’t reverse time travel what interested you in searching for this topic in the first place? Using a simple series of time markers to travel to the past in your mind should always be sufficient if you are living a fulfilling life.

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