How to Spend a Relaxing Day at the Beach by Yourself

A day at the beach with the whole family is fun, but a day at the beach by yourself is an entirely different experience.

Do some research online and find a quiet, secluded beach that is appealing to you. The best beaches to visit when you are searching for a little peace and quiet are the more natural ones without an overabundance of hotels and residential homes. Believe it or not, beaches like this do still exist and they're not that hard to find. You may have to drive a long way to get there, but it will be worth the journey. Even beaches in close proximity to you may be less populated in the off-peak season and during the week. Take plenty of supplies with you so that you are comfortable. Pack a first aid kit in case you find yourself too far from civilization to acquire medical assistance.

Explore the beach and admire the awesome beauty of nature. Take lots of pictures with your disposable camera, but leave everything else untouched so that the next person to visit the beach can enjoy its natural beauty as well. If you were brave enough to bring an expensive camera, be very careful to protect it from sand and moisture. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon are the best times to get dramatic beach photographs.

Find a secluded spot and spread your beach towel or bamboo mat. Enjoy the soft, peaceful sounds of the waves crashing and the birds chirping. Immerse yourself in that good book that you've wanted to read. Don't forget to apply sunscreen several times throughout the day. You can still be burned by the sun's ultraviolet rays on a cloudy, overcast day.

Do not swim in the ocean while you are alone. If you are pulled away from shore by a strong rip current, there will be no one to save you. Save swimming for your next visit to the crowded public beach with lifeguards. Never turn your back on the ocean!

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How to Get Through Airport Security Checkpoints Quickly

Seeing the airport security checkpoint is intimidating for those who don’t travel by air very often. Long lines and frustrated travelers make the checkpoint seem like an unfriendly place. Security screenings don’t have to be an overwhelming experience if you are prepared.

Visit the website for the airport where your flight will depart. They should have a list of regulations for passengers. These rules are subject to change, so don't assume if you've flown before that you know what to do and what not to do.

Dress appropriately. Don't wear shirts with offensive messages or outfits that are too revealing. Think comfort and simplicity. Check all of your pockets before leaving for the trip and remove all metal objects and anything that could be considered dangerous or questionable. Sandals or flip flops are great footwear for flights because they can be slipped on and off quickly and easily. Carry a backpack or duffle bag and put your loose change, keys, mobile phone, and anything metal in your bag. This will be your carry-on bag. Make sure there is nothing dangerous in the bag. Pack all liquids, toiletries, razors, etc. in the luggage that you check at the counter when you receive your boarding pass. You don't need any of those things on the plane, so why let them slow you down? If you require medication during the flight, have all of the necessary information about the medicine with you and be sure the name on the bottle is your own.

Arrive at the airport least an hour and a half before your flight boards. Be serious when passing through the security check point and pay attention to everything going on around you. There will be plenty of time for jokes and horseplay once you get to the gate. Watch the security agents for cues, respond when they talk to you, and follow all directions. If they select you for additional screening, don't get angry or ask why. It's a random procedure that is enforced in order to keep us all safe and it usually only takes an extra few minutes at most. Be polite to everyone around you and speak in a normal voice.

Have your boarding pass and ID in your hand because it will be reviewed by several security agents as you advance through the check point. Remove your sandals or flips flops and put them in a plastic bin. Place your backpack or duffle bag in a separate plastic bin. If you have a laptop computer, remove it from its carrying case and place it in a plastic bin. All of these items should be placed on the moving belt. Be sure to remove your belt if the buckle activates the metal detectors.

If you are selected for extra screening or if someone traveling with you is, then watch each other's belongings as you wait. Following these simple tips will make passing airport security check points faster and easier and it will increase the chances of you making your flight if you're in a hurry.

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How to Host a Successful Baby Shower

A close friend or family member is having a baby and you want to host a memorable baby shower for them, but you’re low on ideas. Here are some ideas to help you plan for the special day.

Decide who will be involved in hosting the shower. Organize a group of people and decide who will be in charge of keeping the shower planning on-track. The main host of the shower should be a friend and not a family member, as etiquette dictates, but family may certainly be actively involved in the entire process. Good communication is essential to success. The "lead planner" should coordinate with the expectant parents and determine the best date for the shower. Most people throw baby showers in close proximity to the due date of the baby, but don't wait too long as some babies do come early. At least one month before the due date should be fine as it allows time for the parents to evaluate the gifts they receive and determine which ones to keep and what they will still need to buy for the baby.

Keep all receipts for the money that everyone involved in hosting the party spends on the shower so that all expenses can be equally divided. Choose the cutest invitations you can find and try to decide on an overall theme for the shower. Knowing the sex of the baby in advance is helpful, but not required. Buy a bouquet of balloons and enough separate balloons to tie in strategic locations throughout the shower. Be sure to have enough balloons to tie a few to the mailbox in front of the house where the shower will be held. Request a guest list with mailing addresses from the expectant parents and mail the invitations no later than six weeks before the event. Include an RSVP as it will help you to plan the necessary food and refreshments more carefully.

Arrange several activities for the shower and have a few back-ups just in case the shower lasts longer than expected. Some fun games to play are baby trivia, unscrambling words that refer to baby terms, writing cute messages on diapers for the baby, and creating custom outfits for the baby using white onesies and fabric paint. If the shower includes both men and women, have two baby dolls and some props, like diapers, clothes, bottles, etc. and make the men try to care for the baby while the women shout instructions to them. Simulate all of the distractions that would normally happen during the day, like preparing a meal, a phone ringing, or a visitor at the door. This is almost always amusing.

Set up for the shower early in the day to allow time for someone to go pick up anything that was overlooked. The day of the shower should be fun and completely stress-free for the hosts, the expectant parents, and the guests. While the expectant parents are opening gifts, have someone write the names of the gifts as well as the gift givers on a sheet of paper. This will be a great help to the couple when it's time to write thank you notes. After the shower, each host should total the amounts that they spent and report them to the lead planner. They can determine who owes money and who gets a refund.

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How to Choose a Great Date Movie

Dating is fun and easy, but sometimes we all need a little help planning the details. How about going to see a good movie? But which movies are the best date movies?

Research the types of movies will appeal to your date. Whether you are a girl or a guy, you should be able to tell which subjects would be of interest your companion. If you're not sure, ask them. You don't want to buy tickets to see a horror movie and then find out that they are terrified by them and have a horrible time.

Don't take your date to see a romantic movie, whether it's funny or not, if this is a first date and you're unsure whether you will want to have subsequent dates. That may give them the wrong idea. Action movies or comedies are usually pretty safe. There's nothing wrong with going as a group to see a movie. If nobody is available to go with you and you want to be sure there are plenty of people around, choose the most popular movie that you can, go see it on a weekend night, and be sure to be a few minutes late. Usually the back row of the theater is taken by the time the movie previews begin and you will be forced to sit closer to the front.

If you want to have a romantic and exciting movie date, choose a film that is not very popular and one that has been in the theaters for several weeks. Plan your date night during the week, choose the latest show time, and get to the theater early. This will almost guarantee you seats in the coveted back row of the theater. If the movie is unpopular enough, you may discover that you are the only ones in the theater. Have fun, but stay alert and watch out for the ushers who often check the theater at some point during the movie. They usually carry flashlights.

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How to Prepare Your Home for Overnight Visitors

Your home is your comfort zone; a place where you can unwind at the end of a long day, but is your home ready to accept overnight visitors? Follow these easy steps and be prepared for them.

Perform a thorough cleaning of the entire house. Vacuum every inch of carpet and rugs and sweep and mop all the other floor coverings. Use disinfectant to clean all counter tops and bathrooms. Change the air filter in the hallway return. Make sure each room of the house is as clean as it can possibly be. Adjust the thermostat temperature to the most comfortable setting for the current season. If you have pets, find out whether your guest has any pet allergies so that you'll know whether or not to keep them separated.

Wash and fold your best towels and leave enough stacked in the bathroom for each day that your visitor will be there. Prepare a basket with soap, shampoo, mouthwash, toothpaste, and shaving supplies, in case they forget a few things. Buy plenty of snacks and drinks and have them chilled well in advance. Rent a few movies as back-up entertainment and leave them near the television. If your visitor has given you any special gifts in the past, find them, dust them off, and leave them out on display to show how much you appreciate the gift.

Create a guest account on your computer and be sure to leave the computer logged into that account so that your visitor may check their email and use the Internet without having access to your personal files and information. It is a good idea to create a restore point on computers running Windows operating system and back up any important files to external storage devices. Lock all filing cabinets and search the house for documents like bank statements or personal mail and put all of it away. Now is a good time to shred any old documents that you no longer need.

When your guest arrives, give them a short tour of the house and show them to their room. Keep the house quiet and give them plenty of time to unpack and relax. Offer them refreshments and tell them where to find you when they are ready. If you will be eating out, prepare a list of restaurants in advance and allow your guest to choose their favorite type of food. Enjoy your time together without worrying about the condition of your home and without the stress of making last-minute decisions.

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